Volunteer Certification

Our Lady of Mercy School welcomes your involvement in school events/activities and appreciates all volunteer efforts during the busy school year. All persons (18 years and older) wanting to volunteer with children in any capacity (including field trip chaperones, classroom volunteers, or any school related activity involving students) must fulfill the following requirements as mandated by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and The Diocese of Baton Rouge.


Please note that all must be completed at least two weeks prior to volunteer activity.


1.EApps Application - https://files.ecatholic.com/26904/documents/2020/8/EAPPS-Volunteer-Application-2018.pdf?t=1597968065000

-        Complete all parts with nothing left incomplete.

-        A minimum of five-year residential history is required.

-        Reference Section – list the complete name, address & phone number with area code.

-        Declarations section – applicant must initial each of the items.

-        Selection Site – list other parishes or schools where the applicant may volunteer. 


2.Code of Ethics

-       https://files.ecatholic.com/26904/documents/2020/8/Diocese-of-Baton-Rouge-Code_of_Ethics-ENGLISH.pdf?t=1597967385000

-        Read the “Code of Ethics” and sign last page stating that the application abides by the guidelines listed therein.


3.Safe and Sacred Online Test Site (Serving Vulnerable Populations)

-        Visit https://diobr.safeenvironment.org/

-        On top of page, select “Ministries tab,” then “Administrative Services,” then “Child and Youth Protection”.

-        Near the bottom of the page, select “Safe and Sacred Online Training Center (Adults)”.

-        The applicant must create a username and password, register and complete all required fields.

-        The applicant will be required to take a short quiz after reviewing the presentation content. 


*Please send a copy to Christy Haldane in the Main Office or via email chaldane@olomschool.org


4.     Fingerprinting/Background (EXPIRES EVERY FIVE YEARS)


-        School forms must accompany applicant at State Police Headquarters. 

-        Please contact Christy Haldane at chaldane@olomschool.org or at the school office (225) 924-1054 for the forms 

Please turn in all forms to Christy Haldane upon completion. You will receive an email confirming that you have been cleared to volunteer. 


·       If you have met these requirements at another Diocesan school/parish, please email chaldane@olomschool.org to request an authorization form. 

·       Background checks are not transferable.